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Beatles Gear: All the Fab Four's Instruments, From Stage to Studio


About the Book

Beatles with instrumentsThis book is the first to tell the full story of how the Beatles made their music.

It details exactly which guitars, drums, amplifiers and keyboards the Beatles used at the key points of their relatively brief but entirely revolutionary career...from the formation of the Quarry Men skiffle group in the 1950s to the dissolution of the Beatles in 1970.

It provides a fascinating fresh insight into Beatle history from an entirely new viewpoint, and along the way many myths are exploded and dozens of stories told for the first time.

John, Paul, George and Ringo's moves from cheap early instruments to the pick of 1960s technology is carefully and entertainingly documented in an easy to read narrative, fully illustrated with many unseen photographs, a cache of rare memorabilia, and a unique collection of specially photographed actual Beatle instruments.

This landmark book is perfect for the fan absorbed by music rather than hairstyles, for the tribute band member with an eye for detail, and for any reader with an abiding interest in the 1960s.

At last, Beatles Gear gets right inside the music.


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For more information contact Monica at: beatlesgear@att.net

Total Giveaway Value: $5,122.95 It's been forty crazy years since four mop-toped lads -- George, John, Paul, and Ringo -- set foot in the Ed Sullivan theatre in 1964 and shook up the world of modern music, so much, that it has never been the same since. In honor of those forty years, Guitar Player, Epiphone, Vox, and Backbeat Bookes are honoring the legacy that the Liverpudlian band has left with 40 prizes. One luck first prize winner will win a rig of gear, including the Epiphone Casino that John Lennon and Paul McCartney played and Vox's Valvetronix amp head and cabinet that got the British Invasion to sound the way it did. Thirty-nine second prizes will be awarded with the complete set of this August issue, with five collectible issues in a box set. Most musicians dream about getting the melodies, tones, and songs out of their bands as the Beatle's did. Now, here is one lucky winner's chance to attempt to do that... but with some amazing pieces of gear that are the same models that the Fab Four did.


Epiphone Casino The Epiphone Casino stands out as one of the most significant electric guitars used by John Lennon and the Beatles. What isn't widely known, is that Paul McCartney was actually the first Beatle to acquire a Casino. He purchased it in December 1964, which is strung left-handed, to play the lead on the classic "Ticket to Ride." VALUE: $2,995.00

Vox Valvetronix AD60VT and AD412 4 x 12" For well over four decades, VOX has played a major role in the history of rock. Today, VOX has taken sound to a whole new level with their acclaimed Valvetronix line of modeling amplifiers. Enter below to win a 60Watt, Valvetronix AD60VT -- an ultra-cool, trapezoid-shaped head -- and a matching 4x12 cabinet. VALUE: $2,098.00

Backbeat Books' "Beatles Gear: All the Fab Four's Instruments, from Stage to Studio," by Andy Babiuk This acclaimed book is the first to examine the guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, amplifiers -- everything The Beatles used to become history's greatest rock 'n' roll band. This updated edition analyzes the gear and how the trend-setting Beatles played it to sculpt an unforgettable range of sounds. Year by year, it examines in fine detail specific instruments, amplifiers, and other equipment used by each artist -- from the pre-Beatle days in 1956-57 Liverpool, throughout the global Beatlemania of the '60s, to the group's disbanding in 1970. VALUE: $29.95

Beatles' Box Set Thirty-nine lucky winners will receive a box set of all five issues of this collector's edition. Each issue comes with a different cover -- The Fab Four, John, George, Paul, and even Ringo; and there are four different song transcriptions to go with the assorted covers. The songs are "Ticket to Ride," "I Feel Fine," "Yesterday," and "Here Comes The Sun." Be the first on your block to have the entire collection of Guitar Player's Beatle's edition. VALUE: $29.95

Enter to will at www.guitarplayer.com by August 31, 2004. Winners will be drawn on September 30, 2004


What's New

Paperback Edition

Beatles Gear is now out in a softcover revised edition with many never before seen Beatles photographs, plus additional research and updated text, including photos of George Harrison's recently found Gibson SG and Ringo's custom made 'giant' Ludwig silver sparkle drum set used in the "Hello Goodbye" video.The new revised edition of Beatles Gear has also been printed in a limited edition of 1500 hard cover copies available directly through Backbeat Books and the Beatlefest catalogue.

Japanese and German language editions out now!

Beatles Gear has recently been translated to Japanese and published by Rittor Music in Japan. PPV Press in Germany has just published the German translation of Beatles Gear under the name "der Beatles Sound". Contact each publisher for more details.

The Rolling Stone George Harrison tribute book.

Compiled by the editors of Rolling Stone and published by Simon & Schuster, 'Harrison' chronicles the guitarist's life before, during and after the Beatles. Now, in a definitive tribute that features a foreword by Olivia Harrison, the editors have drawn on their archives and hundreds of photographs, both the iconographic and the rarely seen, to celebrate the life and career of one of the most important musicians in rock & roll history - George Harrison. Andy Babiuk contributes to 'Harrison' with a piece about George Harrison's guitars entitled Strings Of His Heart. Harrison is available at fine bookstores worldwide.

In the News

Some reviews on Beatles Gear from:

Playboy picked Beatles Gear as one of their top picks in their December 2001 issue. - "It would take 20 Santas to carry all the gift books that appear this time of year. To make sure the ones you give end up on the coffee table and not behind doors, here's our guide to the best.- In Beatles Gear (Backbeat), Andy Babiuk traces the evolution of the musical instruments played by the Fab Four, from the greasy kid stuff to their high-end equipment."

"Beatle books these days fall into three broad categories: A) specialist examination of underdeveloped area; B) lofty pontification; C) general reorganisation / regurgitation. Top of the A - list here is the revised paperback version of Andy Babiuk's tremendous Beatles Gear which brilliantly plugs a gap in the Fabs minutiae. It's fetishist devotion to the boys' Bigsby tremolo arms and Rogers' Swivo-matic drum mounts, coupled with the porn-glamorous photography and rare anecdotes is intoxicating"

"Babiuk takes a unique approach to the Beatles' story by documenting the history of their music equipment. The Beatles are forever associated with particular instruments, and thoughts of them immediately conjure images of John's Rickenbacker, George's large, hollow-bodied Gretsch, Paul's signature custom Hofner violin bass (the first left-handed bass the company ever produced), and Ringo on a Ludwig drum kit. Babiuk begins with Lennon's first guitar in 1956 and follows through to the band's final 1969 sessions at the Abbey Road studios. As he shows, their choice of instruments were outlets for their personalities and creativity, and they selected a particular make and model for its individual sound, used that sound to its fullest, and then progressed to the next. Though dubbed "the quiet one," Harrison proved the maverick, continually experimenting with guitars and instruments from other nationalities, leading to the important Eastern influence on the Beatles' music. Babiuk provides marvelous technical detail on all of the Fab Four's gear, with numerous photos of either their own instruments or identical models. A fresh perspective on the group's well-documented history will appeal to hardcore fans and interested lay readers alike." - Michael Rogers, Library Journal Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc.

"May be the ultimate specialized study of The Beatles...the sheer mass of information is impressive...the pictures...are fab."

"The 'gift book'...a luxury item...to be held and admired.... Beatles Gear provides a history of their sound."

San Jose Mercury News - "The ultimate Beatles fanatic book."

Tower Records' Pulse!magazine - "A lavish celebration of every known piece of musical equipment [The Beatles] used...large and colorful...well-researched..."

"The folks at Backbeat Books have a well-earned reputation...this year, they've got more 'must-have' additions, Beatles Gear."

"A big, slick, exhaustively researched exploration of what made The Beatles sound like The Beatles."

"A sure bet to be a 'must-have' under the Christmas tree for any rabid Beatles fan."

Andy was on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition Sunday with Liane Hansen on January 6th, 2002 for an in-depth interview talking about 'Beatles Gear'. You can hear the show by down loading the program off the npr.org web site!

Listen to Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch radio show for a chance to win a copy of Beatles Gear. Beatle Brunch is the best and longest running all Beatle radio show in the country and can be heard on radio stations across the country. Check out the Beatle Brunch web site for a station near you!


How would you and your mates like to sound just like The Beatles, the greatest rock and roll band of all time? Well, besides working on your chops, you better get your hands on some top-notch gear - like the instruments the fab four used to create the music that changed the world. A little short of cash, you say? No worries, because when you enter the Fab Gear Giveaway, you could win a full set of fab gear, enough to start your own British Invasion! All you need is love, and a little luck.

One Lucky Winner Will Receive:

* From Gretsch: One G6122-1962 guitar with case

* From Hofner: One Vintage 1962 reissue violin bass with case

* From Ludwig: One Fab Four drum outfit, model L9024LMOQ

* From Rickenbacker: One 325V63 guitar with case

* From Vox: One AC30/6 Top Boost amplifier

Total Value: $13,174.00

The contest has ended. The winner Catherine Worthley of Higganum, Connecticut is enjoying her new fab gear! Go to www.backbeatbooks.com for more info on upcoming giveaways.



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